Initiating “Flaming Goddess Friday’s”

Starting Weekly Energetic Enhancements from June Onwards….
Focus will be ONLY on increasing Divine Golden, White, Pearlescent,Rainbow Energies within.
…To Feeding the Flames of the Goddesses.

Friday, 7, 14, 21 & 28th of June,2019
EE : INR 1.300.00
Timing : 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Date : Friday, 10/11/2017
Location : Midford Garden, MG

Happily Coming bak.. with higher increased frequencies.
Please send confirmations on a separate window.
Atlantian and Lemurian Pods Available got download later.

In Service to the one,
Varsha Morarka

For Companies / Businesses / Personal Services offered

You will be empowered and become a channel to energize your chosen Company / Business / Personal Services.
Expect Miracles.

EE : INR 330
Timing : 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Date : Friday, 10/11/2017

We will offer lunch.
Also, Remote healing available.
Please call me to clarify.

Confirmation is a Must.. Please.

For healers/ yoga teachers/ teacher’s/ alternate therapies practishioner’s… it s a good way to increase your energy skills and enhance your power.

Live and love and grow and smile!
Work and Play .. Naturally.
Chase your dreams and faith it till u achieve it!

In Service to the one,
Varsha Morarka

12 Friday Energies Companies

For 12 Friday’s,
We meet to transmit, energize, heal and empower Companies – their MD’s, Partner’s, Workforce , Business Plan …

You can work on your own.
You will be empowered with suitable tools ( Ones I have been initiated into, please check it on the Website, in the services offered )

Each Session: INR 330.
Ideal number: 12 sessions.
You can do as many as you wish / can.

Confirmation is necessary.
Remote healing is an option.
Expect only miracles.

Timings: 11:30am – 01:30 pm
Venue: 102, ISR Midfort House.

Completed Session 1 – 25/08/2017

Diwali Celebrations over
And we move into work.
Hope all enjoyed!