“An informative talk on “Vastu for Consciousness ” to heal our Planet by Dr.Harshit Kapadia on Zoom . 12th April 2020″

Session 1

Session 2

Shamanic Ancestral Healing Channelled by Varsha Morarka

7 generations each of maternal and/or paternal side
Heal them, Release them.
Consequently, heal yourself and your future generations
Ancestors merge into light & you soar high.

Prachee Ganesha Chants


We, the team of Tat Tvam Asi, thank you all for your past profound service work.
May our group effort help alleviate humanity from the current crisis as we commit ourselves to this divine intention.

We are happy to announce our upcoming Service Work: Embedding Love at the Border

Under the overlighting of Master DWAL KUL, working with the Ray of LOVE and WISDOMChannelled by Varsha Morarka

Aid our Border Security Forces In our Energetic Way

“Purpose is to embedding ROSE PINK BALLS of LOVE and LIGHT along the Indo-China Border to aid in Releasing the Tension”

Event: FREE
Date: Friday, 12 June
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Format: Online

Service work empowers your SOUL and opens up closed doors for YOU. Go within and JOIN US if you are guided / shown signs

May we ask you Two Hours of your precious time to JOIN HANDS!!!✋

We urge you towards your magnanimous service work. Please join following link to confirm your active Participation:

WhatsApp group Embedding Love at Border

Illuminate your Finances

Event details:
Energy Exchange: FREE
Date: 25 May – 29 July 2020
Time to Devote: 33 Hours
Time Given: 66 Days
Please CLICK HERE join following WhatsApp group to confirm your active Participation:

Shamanic Ancestral Healing Channelled by Varsha Morarka

FEE: 1200 INR

Event details:
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Venue : WhatsApp group “Shamanic Ancestral Healing

Empower Little Her. Over lighted by Varsha Morarka Mentored By Gowri Hegde

Transmission of Fear Matrix by Ascended Master Dwal Kul Mentored by Varsha Morarka

Confucius – incarnation of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul Chohan of the Second Ray of Love and Wisdom

Money energy unlock by Lord Vishwamitra and Dr.Pillai Over lighted by Varsha Morarka

Purposes of unlocking the blocked money abundance in our energy fields.

Lucknow Light Grid, Channelled by Varsha Morarka

White Light Meditation In Nandurbar, Jan 2020.


Divine Inner Child
Working with the 5 elements with our Inner Child

Date 14 th Sep,2019
EE INR 3,300.00
Timings 9:30-4:30pm
Space: ISR,102, Midford House, Off MG Road

What/Who is the Golden Inner Child?

The Golden Child is a carefree, joyous, trusting,creative, loving aspect of oneself which exists within. The inner work done in a Golden one is deeper than Inner Child .

What does a Golden Inner Child Day long session do?
Golden Inner Child session is the work one does to resolve the childhood emotions and experiences this inner part of oneself still holds, as well as harness the joy, innocence,confidence and the ability to live in the now moment, that is your birthright.  A day long “work” will release chosen areas/ emotions/incidents. In fact, these unresolved frequencies and unconscious memory fragments lead adults to behave and identify unconsciously with their golden inner child’s original “wounding”. It s such that one oft times feel as if they are sitting in the passenger seat while their inner child is flying their vehicle into a black hole of suffering.

That is why it is imperative to do the internal work and process these deep wounds, which “wound” around the DNA and deeply program into the genetic makeup of one’s own karmic records. Once all the karma is cleared back to source point, that is the mark of a truly liberated soul.

Why would my Golden Inner Child hold hidden emotions?
Simply because the child is often unheard, unspoken to .. and the caregivers are insensitive, knowingly or unknowingly.
Childhood trauma leaves a child with shame, rejection, abandonment, abuse..these repressed emotions then lead to cycles of self-sabotage in adulthood. For example, if you were taught to repress pain as a child, you might run away from good relationships rather than allow yourself to be hurt. The end result is always feeling lonely. Or if you were taught you must always be pleasing to win love, you end up with a codependent relationship.

What can You expect after such a Day long session?
The benefits are impressive:
~Accessing repressed memories that are holding you back
~ Being able to feel again after years of being numb in a area of your life
~ Gaining personal power and the ability to set boundaries
~Feeling self-compassion and loving yourself more
~Gaining self-confidence
~ Being able to enjoy life and have fun more naturally, childlike

How long does the effect of such a session last?
The good news is that once we do the work on a chosen area, it lasts forever.

What are the “take-aways” from such a session?
The issues that you can release:
~ Childhood abuse- emotional, sexual, physical
~ Depression and anxiety
~ Anger management issue
~ Low self esteem
~ Abandonment issues
~ Emotional numbness
~ Self criticism
~ Self-sabotage
~ Codependency and powerlessness

About Varsha Morarka:
Varsha Morarka is recognised for her pure and powerful channelling, teaching as well as healing abilities which attracts many wishing to evolve spiritually to study and work with her. She is an energy conduit for Spirit and many Gods and Goddesses. A B.Com. B.Ed, she is a Master in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Mind Control and various other techniques as well as numerous Initiations which she has acquired over her 20 year sojourn.

She runs a 400 strength School in Hospet and her Energy Centre called Tat-Tvam-Asi as well as does a wide range of workshops in different parts of the country.

8/8 A Super Special Date Thursday

The Lions Gate- into the deepest hearts of The Goddesses.

An energising session to enliven and empower our dreams and goals .. as the vortex of Sirius opens on this day.

We hold our sceptres high.. into the night sky…and bring them in our worlds.

Recording will be available.
Energy Pods for this Available as well.

EE INR 6,600
Timings 11:30- 1:30
Space: 102, Midford House, Off MG Rd.

Happy to answer any questions

In service to the one
Varsha Morarka

Request to share in groups.. if guided to do so.

A 12 Session Light Work

For helping Souls stuck in between worlds…
In Coma, in deep pain, in confusion and suicide.

I will be over lighting it.
And sharing the protocol for doing the Light work.

Please send me a separate message… afte sleeping over it for a night.

In service to the one
Varsha Morarka

Please do pass on this to others who u feel may be interested..
The more we are .. the more we can offer help.

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Total Solar Eclipse

A 2 hr Session focusing on Manifesting your Dreams into Reality… using the energies of This Cosmic Portal.

It is known how solar eclipses release large amounts of pure energy. We bring it into our Bio energetic field and energise our dreams for manifestation.

Date:Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019
Timings: 11:30-1:30pm
Venue : Midford Gardens,Off MG
EE:INR 3,300

Inner Child Work- Activations and Healings.
Happy Lifetimes
Aligned with your purpose Lifetimes

Dates: 14th, 21st and 28th November, 2018
Timings : 11-2:30pm

EE:INR 999.00
Venue: Midfort House

Please do share with friends who might be interested and reap benefits.
Prior intimation is needed.

An Ancestral Love, Light and Wisdom -2 sessions

On Friday, 28th Sep, 2018 and Sat, 29th Sep, 2018

Timings: 11-2 pm on both the days.
Venue: Midfort House

We shall identify prevalent patterns in our present life- linked with our ancestral lineage, and pray, work and affirm to let those patterns not of love, light and wisdom- to be healed and transmuted into light.

EE:999 for each session.

Do call me for any info – we work on maternal and paternal lineages going up to 12 generations.

May the force be with us.

Distant healing avail.

Please message me separately. All information is confidential- only with me.



“UCM Workshop” by Kasara and Anthony

Workshop” by Kaya and Christianne”

“Breathwork with Mastermind International on April 2015”

“Accessing Potential / Gifted Life’s”

“Re Birthing Breath Work”

“Bio-Energetic Healing with Master Dr. Ina Rajapaksha”

“Golden Opportunity In 3 Indian Cities”



The Study Group
The Book: Vedanta Treatise
Moderated by Shruti Shetty

I love words.
Civilization is passed on through this alchemy of words on a page

I’ve lived at least a thousand lives, journeyed the world, across multiple time zones at the same time & centuries too while setting my soul free and ablaze with the potent intoxication of the magical books I’ve devoured. I’ve enjoyed travelling alone but my most profound expedition has been with groups of women discovering iridescent narratives of their mind.

A champion of the Goddess energy, I’ve switched gears from International Finance to wielding words, to empower women.

I invite you to join me in savoring the deliciousness of the philosophy of the VEDA’s infinitely by exploring the
‘Vedanta Treatise by A Parathasarathy’.

“…..To accept the notion that the point of life is to know, love and serve the Atman”
~Thomas Moore

A module of 4 online sessions

FEE: 1200 INR

Age: 18 years and above
Starting Date: July 10, 2020 [Every Friday Classes of July 2020]
Timing: 2.30 pm – 4 pm
Format: Online


Please join following link to confirm your registration: