Tat Tvam Asi


Varsha Morarka, B.Com, B.Ed, began her career as a trained teacher, teaching English and is
now the Chief Administrator of N.D.M.S. in Hospet.It is run by the NCT , a charitable Trust of
the RP Morarka family. She has spearheaded various developmental projects in the town of
Hospet and it’s surrounding villages.
Her foray in the field of Energy work began in the year 2000.
She is a trained Reiki Master and a Pranic Healer, completing her Basic and Advanced as well
as Soul Realisation Mastery Classes. Along the way, she has also completed courses in
Handwriting analysis, NLP and Crystal Healing.

She has also studied Mantra Healing.
A trained Clinical Hypnotherapist ( she learnt her course with The Hypnotherapy School of
India ), a Spirit Release Therapist, she has completed a 2 yr Diploma in Multi-Dimensional,
Transpersonal Deep Healing with world renowned Dr. Hans Tendam of Holland.


The above contains her validation as a trained therapist in India.
She has studied under Anrita Melchizedek and is facilitator at
The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network


The above contains her details as a Melchizedek Facilitator.
She has done numerous workshops/initiations, some of which is mentioned below:
~Activation of AA Cosmic Gems and Unicorns with Diana Cooper (2019)
~Iilahinoor Healing with Kiara Windrider (2011)
~Reconnective Healing and Number Healing with Dr.Ina Rajapaksha (2014/15)
~ Opening Your Gaia Channel under the Sirius Library- Qala Sri’Ama Phoenix
~ Regular Sesssions/upgrades/wshops with Natalie Glasson From the School of Om Na
~Lord Merlin Worshops and Initiations
~Sedona Heart Activations
~Adama Initiations
~Activation of 144 Healing System and the 7 Flare Healing Attunement
~Initiation into various forms of Dragons, Skulls,Faeries and Unicorns,Dolphins,Care Bears.
~Initiation into a Lemurian Priestess
~Initiation into Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
~ Initiation into all the Higher Self Of the 12 Galactic Selves
~Rainbow Initiations, Mastery Attunements, Twin Flame Attunements,Diamond Ray Attunements, Universal Laws Initiations
~ Shreem Brzee Initiations
~Light Language Activations
~ Earth Clearing Initiations
~ Divinity Awakening Process
~Sirian Protection Process, Goddess Protection, Elohim Protection
~ Golden Codes DNA work
~Diamond Sun DNA Activations
~Diamond Light Codes and Soul Embodiment Activations
~Ruby Ray Attunements, Ruby Ray Dragons
~ Mother MAry Womb Chakra Activations
~Initiations into the Cosmic Ray Temples
~Rainbow Serpent Activations
~ Sasquatch Healing
~Walk in’s Worshop
~Initiations into the Gods and Godess Realms of the entire Hindu Pantheon
~Destroyer Training With Commander Ashtar
~Ascension Blue Print with the Council of Atlantis
~Activation of Master Anubis and his sentinels
~ Spiritual Cosmology of 2021
~ 12 Master Crystal Temples of Light Activations
~ Sirian-Lemurian Creator Codes Spinal Activation
~ Golden Sun and Flower of Life Healing

She is also a Meditational Facilitator and conducted regular sessions called the “Wed Med’ s” every Wednesday’s (once a week)
at The Office which was open to all
in varied forms of Mind Control and Awareness, Chakra meditation, Ray healing and Kundalini
Awakening and working with Ascended Masters from 72 dimensions
in our journey to Self -Actualisation and Self -Realisation
since the year 2008 till 2018.
“Goddess Friday’s were introduced since 2019.
If You would like to be included in the mailing list,
do intimate us.
A member of the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. She is also a member of The
Hypnotherapy and Integrated Therapies Association.

She has recently completed her one year course with acclaimed
Master Sri’Qala Phoenix in the
Self Mastery School of Loving Presence.
She has been awarded a year scholarship with the School of Self-Mastery
With the Above Teacher, and is an adept at
Manifestation Techniques.
The Course was from 2018-2019.
Varsha has also completed the PRACHEE GANAPATI VIDYA initiation
in the month of August,2016 under the tutelage of
9000544243 / 04027427587

She has completed all the Ganapati Sadhna’s .
She has also added Prachee Ganapati Healing ( Distant) as a part of her services, using the Prachee
Ganapati Mudras and Chinhas. This ancient healing method uses the Mooshika Shakti and the Danti Mudras along with 6 extraordinary symbols.
Continuing her quest for growth, she completed a 10 day workshop in the month of January,2017,
with AVADHOOT BABA SHIVANANDJI, the Indian Healing Master and got her initiations in
the invoking and healing of the Navagrahas, which is also offered as a part of the offered Services.
She went on to do the 10 Day Yoga for the Immortals with the same Guru (2019) and received all the initiations.
She has got her initiation into the ancient scripture of Shakti Sadhna and it’s mystic meditation. She
has mastered the Sri Vidya Saptashati Tantrokta Sadhna, Shree Durgaasaptashatee
Beejmantraatmak Sadhana, and the Shree Devi Khadagmala.

She has completed a one year course with Sananda and Shekinah and Christoff on the
Innerversity of Divine Potential In Multi-Dimensional Mastery and Attunements.
Working with children is her passion and she is in the process of creating a Meditation Curriculum
based on the ancient Knowledge of the GuruMandala.
Her Varaha White Light Meditation has been introduced with very positive,creative results .The
training of Varaha White Lighters is scheduled to be launched.
The Light and Love Centre
facilitates various Master’s and co- hosts them in the Centre’s in Hospet and Bangalore.
We are also now conducting various Vedically aligned Rituals, Pujas, Archanas, Havans and Homas
and Annapurna donations from the Banni Ma Kali Temple Trust in Hospet.
Chanting and Havan services are also offerred.
Inspired and overlighted by Master Sanat Kumara, she has created a Guided Healing and Aligning